The Organ chorales of the Leipzig manuscript,  Schübler chorales
Johann Sebastian Bach

The Organ chorales of the Leipzig manuscript, Schübler chorales

Vincent van Laar

Label: Aliud
Format: CD
Barcode: 8717775551171
Catalog number: ACDBN 1032
Releasedate: 03-11-17
- After a long period Vincent van Laar is presenting his new album at Aliud records.

- The fact that the 24 chorales for organ were much loved, appears from the large number of copies and transcriptions that were made, and this is further underlined by the admiration expressed by 19th-century composers including Mendelssohn and Schumann.

- For the collection ‚Sechs Chorale von verschiedener Art‘ (Six chorales of various kinds, BWV 645-650), published around 1749 by Bach‘s pupil Schübler, Bach acted as the arranger of his own music.
This CD features 24 chorale preludes for the organ (BWV 645-668). Without exception, they stand in the tradition of the chorale-based music of Bach‘s predecessors. They therefore include pieces with the unornamented chorale tune in the pedal (BWV 651 and 661), others with the melody ornamented (BWV 653, 654, 659 and 662), chorale trios (BWV 655 and 664), and works employing traditional contrapuntal techniques like canon, fugue and imitation (BWV 652 and 665).