Señor Tango (Live)
Ástor Piazzolla - Rosendo Mendizabal - Pedro Datta

Señor Tango (Live)

Marcelo Nisinman & Vogler Quartet

Label: Phil.Harmonie
Format: CD
Barcode: 4250317416285
Catalog number: PHIL 06028
Releasedate: 07-05-21
- Featuring the great Marcelo Nisinman
..Perhaps the beginning of this CD is, in a way, the most classic principle because the music that stood for the avant-garde at a time, today takes the place of the "Classic" Tangos. I sincerely value the Vogler Quartet artistic attitude – that is also mine – as to take the necessary risk to go on with the history of Tango that is also - in some way - part of the history of music.... "Sr. Tango" (Mr. Tango) is a parody about a Tango place that still exists in Buenos Aires where I had the fortune to play…and leave alive… The pieces for Trio - Violin, Bandoneon and Double Bass - are a very lively style. And ironic. I wanted to experience with a non-classical group and tickle with the primary tangos, except "Jeanne & Paul". "Adios Nonino" is a classic of the worldwide literature because the wedding of Princess Maxima of Holland launched it to the world space as ever before. My version is almost the contrary, let´s say a sort of "divorce". Above all for those that still think that it is not possible or it is not correct to arrange Piazzolla´s music. So here it goes my tribute to that great composer and arranger of old Tangos: Astor Piazzolla. "Bordel 1900" and "Café 1930" are two pieces where I simply orchestrated what was originally written for Flute and Bandoneon. "4 for Vogler" is a portrait of each of the constituents of the string quartet. An individual portrait of Tim, Frank, Stefan and Stephan, in that same order. It´s my humble homage to this profound, unique and brilliant string quartet. Marcelo Nisinman