Brahms Clarinet & Piano , Op. 119 & 120
Johannes Brahms

Brahms Clarinet & Piano , Op. 119 & 120

Nicolai Pfeffer & Felix Wahl

Label: CAvi
Format: CD
Barcode: 4260085533947
Catalog number: AVI 8553394
Releasedate: 09-02-18
- Young perfect clarinet player who is about to make a great career
- Rare combination of the two latest Brahms’ pieces Op. 119 & 120, composed within the same time
- Already a teacher at three major Universities of Music in Cologne, Bremen and Munich

An Unfailing Cosmos „With Opp. 119 und 120, this CD regroups the last solo piano work and the last chamber work composed by Brahms. These two genres played a major role in his output, and in these pieces one can easily hear that Brahms is drawing a finishing stroke. Their respective structures contrast as much as possible with one another – extended sonatas vs. short pieces –, thereby offering us a glimpse into the inexhaustible universe of a composer’s entire life. Placed between the two monumental sonatas, the piano intermezzos offer the listener a breather for introspection and contemplation.“ (The Artists)