Canta (vinyl)

Canta (vinyl)

Steen Rasmussen Quinteto

Label: Stunt
Format: LP 12inch
Barcode: 0663993180816
Catalog number: STULP 18081
Releasedate: 06-07-18
- Brazilian songs both instrumental and vocal
- Available as cd and lp
It’s not especially difficult to become friends with a Brazilian. It’s just as easy to become wild about (and dizzied by) Brazilian music. Pianist Steen Rasmussen is even wilder, having played Brazilian-inspired music for years, over which time he has cemented his posi- tion as one of the kingdom’s richest, most enthusiastic and competent performers, with an unmatched familia- rity of the genre. Ever since he started with Bossas and Sambas (among other sub-genres) in the big country, he let himself fall right into the thick of it. He threw himself straight in, having listened to, and checked out, the very best: Joao Donato, Tania Maria, Djavan, Joyce, Elis Regina, Toquinho, and all the others. He surrende- red himself to the music, and one can hear that. Over the years, he has cultivated and refined his fascination, having mastered the fluid and harmoniously superior Brazilian swing, and orchestrating his playing as if he had grown up right in the middle of Rio de Janeiro.

Steen Rasmussen’s musical mission is on display on several excellent and well-known albums, including LO MEANS DE CADA CASA (2013) with the Brazilian guitarist Leo Minax - the result of a close musical col- laboration to unite Brazilian “Saudade” with the Nordic melancholy. The album was extremely well received and brought the band’s sound to countries all over the world, including Ecuador, Columbia, Brazil, and Spain, ending up in Denmark with a DMA Jazz nomination. 
Steen Rasmussen Biographies is one of Denmark’s best pianists and composers in Brazilian and affiliated styles. He has also worked with numerous international and Danish artists, and is part of the regular line-up in a num- ber of very popular Danish acts: Danseorkestret, Lis Sørensen, Marie Carmen Koppel and Søs Fenger. After several years with Brazilian vocalist Silvana Malta’s group – with whom he recorded with Toninho Horta and Airto Moreira – he formed his own band in 2007. His debut as bandleader PRIMEIRO AMOR, released in 2007, was a great success and received brilliant reviews, inclu- ding maximum stars from the Nestor of Danish jazz criticism, Boris Rabinowitsch, under the following headline: “Outstanding Brazilian release with Danish pianist”. In 2009 Rasmussen initiated his collaboration with Swedish vocalist Josefine Cronholm, which resulted in the album STEEN RASMUSSEN FEAT. JOSEFINE CRONHOLM – AMANHÃ I MORRON TOMORROW. The album was received enthusiastically. In 2010 the Spanish producer Alfredo Lorenzo brought Steen Rasmussen to Sao Paulo to record with Brazilian vocalists Marcia Lopes and Fabaio Cadore. The album was released in 2011 as STEEN RASMUSSEN QUARTETO EM SÃO PAULO and was nominated among the six best albums of 2011 and released in Japan, where Disc Union called it “...the birth of a masterpiece”. On a Spanish tour Rasmussen met Brazilian singer, guitarist and songwriter Leo Minax and invited him on a successful tour of Denmark. Once again maximum stars and exuberant head- lines: “Brilliant flashy Bossa”. A musical fellowship grew and mate- rialized in STEEN RASMUSSEN QUINTETO FEATURING LEO MINAX – LO MEJOR DE CADA CASA. Once again accolades and five stars: “...a perfect match creates a duende – a special and authentic emotional expression”. A track from the album topped P8 Jazz radio play list for two months and resulted in yet a nomina- tion for Best Jazz Release. In 2014 Rasmussen released VILD MED DANS – LATIN NIGHTS for Sony Music in collaboration with per- cussionist Jacob Andersen. The album featured Danish hits from the ‘60s till now in rumba and samba arrangements. 
Leo Minaz hails from the Brazilian highlands and is rooted musi- cally in the scene rotating around the legendary musical collec- tive “Club da Esquina” that emerged in the ‘70s and ‘80s in Belo Horizonte, the capital of the Minas Gerais area. During this period Milton Nascimento, Lo Borges, Toninho Horta, Ronald Bastos, Wagner Tiso and others created groundbreaking music that beca- me extremely popular in Brazil and reverberated throughout the world. Leo was in the backing band for Lo Borges sister, Solange Borges. Later he played with Toninho Horta and Lo Borges. His own music has been influenced by a long Spanish residence. In Spain – as in Brazil and Japan - is a renowned songwriter, singer and guitarist. He has released seven albums in his own name. Paulo Antonio Braga – aka Paulinho Braga – is considered an innovator of Brazilian drumming and one of the country’s finest drummers ever. Although his fame mainly stems from his extensive work with Tom Jobim, he has played with numerous Brazilian artists. In the ‘60s he was a member of Berimbau Trio with Milton Nascimento (then on bass) and pianist Wagner Tiso in nightclubs around Belo Horizonte. In the ‘70s he was part of vocalist Elis Regina’s backing band. His studio work from that time includes Tim Maia, Milton Nascimento, Beth Carvalho, Raul Seixas, Rita Lee, Carlos Lyra, Emilio Santiago, MPB-4, Simone, Sueli Costa, Nara Leão, Taiguara, Chico Buarque, Gal Costa, Djavan, Fagner, Jards Macalé, Gilberto Gil, and Gonzaquinha. He played on the famous 1974 recording ELIS & TOM with Tom Jobim and Elis Regina. Paulo Braga moved to the States for several years performing with Joe Henderson, Pat Metheny, David Sandborn, Michael Brecker, Gil Goldstein, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim and Elaine Elias. In 2003 he released his first solo album with original material, GROOVELAND. Throughout his career Paulo Braga has worked with countless acts including Edu Lobo, Ivan Lins, Nana Bethania, Paulinho da Viola, Zizi Mu, Moraes Moreira, Ednardo Amelinha, Ney Matogrosso, Francis Hime, Olivia Hime, Geraldo Azevedo, João Bosco, Johnny Alf, Leila Pinheiro, Rosa Passo, Miucha, Marcos Valle, Cattano Veloso, Roberto Carlos, John Pizzarelli and many others.