Wim Henderickx


Boho Strings

Label: Antarctica
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917731125
Catalog number: AR 011
Releasedate: 30-11-18
- Release concert in deSingel, Antwerp 8 december
- Debut release by the Boho Strings
- First time recording works for String Orchestra by Wim Henderickx
- Acclaimed soloists, including Roeland Hendrikx, Valerie Debaele and Lin Chin Cheng. 
On its first recording the Belgian ensemble Boho Strings showcases the versatility of composer Wim Henderickx, whose repertoire ranges from experiments in modernism to nearly silent transcendent soundscapes. Inasmuch as the works featured on this CD are revisions of earlier work – some specifically prepared for this recording – they capture the progress in a career which spans three decades. The most audible development is Henderickx’s heightened sensitivity to inspiration from the East, which lends exoticism and the occasional melancholy to a diverse but reassuringly recognizable oeuvre.

BOHO Strings Trailer

What does classical music contribute to the modern world? What does it mean to be a classical musician in today’s internationalised society? Is it possible to present classical music as a source for societal self-reflection?

With his new 13-player string orchestra Boho Strings, conductor David Ramael seeks to answer these questions in an open-minded and unconventional way. David Ramael was originally inspired by the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of his birthplace and hometown Borgerhout. Cognisant of the importance of dialogue in this rich melting pot of cultures and traditions, he seeks to rethink  the format of classical music concerts, inviting the listener to participate in a meaningful dialogue with the musicians - before, during and after the performance - on a wide range of social, demographic, cultural and ecological issues.