Au Suivant!
Maurice Ravel - Gabriel Fauré

Au Suivant!

Flex Ensemble

Label: CAvi
Format: CD
Barcode: 4260085531615
Catalog number: AVI 8553161
Releasedate: 08-03-19
- Four nationalities are the hardcore crew of the FLEX ENSEMBLE who are very much in favour of French music.
- Two well known pieces by Fauré and Ravel (in an arrangements for Piano Quartet) are forming the brackets on the very special PROJECT CHANSON
- Five young European composers are being asked to quarrel with the format of the CHANSON, from as early as the middle age til the latest of Jacques Brel.

Ravel . Fauré und Chansons für Klavierquartett

“Our second album (En suivant! = Next!) highlights three different genres of French music: A youthful work by Fauré, written in the late romantic piano quartet tradition, character pieces by Ravel in a new arrangement for piano quartet and an eclectic mix of contemporary interpretations of French Chansons from Claude Le Jeune up to Georges Brassens.
It all began with Fauré… his C minor Piano Quartet is one of the earliest works that we learned as an ensemble. We immediately formed a personal connection to the quartet, perhaps one of Fauré's most popular chamber music works. With its emotional core, instrumental colour, flowing but clear form, and the fascinating story behind its creation, we embraced the challenge of exploring our sound and furthering our comprehension of French musical literature.

Some years later we received an unexpected gift: The first movement of Ravel's Ma Mère l´Oye arranged for piano quartet by our friend Shintaro Sakabe. “Try it,” he said, “I think it might work”. ………..
But the idea that brought everything together for this recording was Project Chanson……….
(Excerpt from the Booklet Notes of the ensemble)