It’s Still Autumn

It’s Still Autumn

Kayhan Kalhor / Rembrandt Frerichs / Tony Overwater / Vinsent Planjer

Label: Kepera Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917471526
Catalog number: KEPERA 74715
Releasedate: 05-04-19
- Unique collaboration between kamanche legend Kayhan Kalhor (who made several recordings for ECM and who is part of YoYo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble) jazz pianist Rembrandt Frerichs, bass player Tony Overwater and drummer Vinsent Planjer
- Combination of styles and cultures with as a result a new, unique sound
- This albums contains two long suites: Dawn and Dusk. The two pieces are consisting of several compositions, combined by improvisation 

During the fall of 2013, they first met at November Music Festival and since then there has been a successful collaboration and a deep friendship between the Iranian kamancheh grand master Kayhan Kalhor and the three Dutch jazz musicians of the Rembrandt Frerichs Trio.

The musicians
Kamancheh player Kayhan Kalhor, known for his successful albums for ECM and his participation in Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble, finds the ideal travel companions in pianist / composer Rembrandt Frerichs, bass player and Boy Edgar prize winner Tony Overwater and drummer Vinsent Planjer. Together they travel through contrasting cultures and styles and their remarkable instruments merge into an absolutely unique sound that transcends all boundaries and gets an international audience deeply involved.

The music
After a large number of sold-out concerts at festivals, concert halls and TV shows in the Netherlands, Iran (3 evenings 3000 people per concert) and Great Britain (Barbican Hall), the long awaited album It's still Autumn has finally arrived. The album is arranged in two parts, Dawn and Dusk. Both parts, consisting of several compositions that are woven together through improvisation, are a musical journey through an imaginary autumn landscape. It is music best enjoyed while listening attentively, to be carried along in an initial stillness that slowly develops into a swirling river, only then to calm down again or end in a nightly thunderstorm.

The instruments
The kamancheh is the Iranian knee violin known for its heartrending, melodious sound. The fortepiano, the forerunner of the modern grand piano, comes from Mozart's time and is reminiscent of the santur, the Persian cimbalom. The violone comes from the early Renaissance; it is the forerunner of the double bass and can fulfil a melodic, harmonic as well as a bass function with its 6 strings and lighter timbre. The Whisper Kit, an invention by Vinsent Planjer, brings together percussion instruments from various cultures and periods that create a rich rhythmic basis.
Kayhan Kalhor (Sorani Kurdish: کەیھان کەلھور‎,Persian: كيهان كلهر‎; also Romanized as Keyhan Kalhor and Keyhān Kalhor) (born 24 November 1963 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian Kamancheh player, composer and master of classical Kurdish and Iranian traditional music.

Kayhan Kalhor has a wide range of musical influences, uses several musical instruments, and crosses cultural borders with his work, but at his center he is an intense player of the Kamancheh. In his playing Kalhor often pins Iranian classical music structures to the rich folk modes and melodies of the Kurdish tradition of Iran. Kalhor has composed works for and played alongside the famous Iranian vocalists Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Shahram Nazeri. He has also composed and performed with the Indian sitar player Shujaat Husain Khan and Indian tabla player Swapan Chaudhuri in the group Ghazal. Kalhor's 2004 album In the mirror of the Sky was a joint venture with the Kurdish Iranian lute player Ali Akbar Moradi. His 2006 album The Wind is a collaboration with the Turkish baglama virtuoso Erdal Erzincan, with both Turkish and Persian pieces performed. At other times Kalhor has collaborated with Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project Ensemble in the USA and the Kronos Quartet. 

Kalhor now resides in USA and has been commercially successful in USA over the past decade. Two of his works were nominated for Grammy Awards in 2004. 

In 2010 Kalhor composed "I was there", which was based "on a melody attributed to Ziryab, a ninth-century Persian Kurdish musician", for a Maya Beiser concert. This piece was performed by Kalhor alongside Maya Beiser, the renowned cellist Bassam Saba, an oud player, and two percussionists, Glen Velez and Matt Kilmer.