Wit in Wit
George De Decker

Wit in Wit

George De Decker

Label: Antarctica
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917731224
Catalog number: AR 012
Releasedate: 07-06-19
-One of the first recordings performed on Maene's Straight Strung Piano
-30 variations on an aria: WIT IN WIT, inspired by Bach's Goldberg Variations
-Looking for the absolute essence of every variation
-Solo piano, with pre-recorded and edited tape recordings
George De Decker wrote the aria WIT IN WIT (White in White) on commission for the piano recital of 14 November 2017 in the Witte Zaal in deSingel (Antwerp, Belgium).
After the performance by pianist Geert Callaert the relationship with the aria of Johann Sebastian Bachs Goldberg Variations became clear.
Bachs Goldberg Variations are canon, every pianist relates to this piece at one time or another.
A myriad of versions and arrangements De Decker has listened to and analysed, the ear a knife,
in every variation he cut in, looking for the razor-sharp core: what is the essence?

The key and the character of the original composition were preserved, the redundant was skinned until with every variation, only the sound skeleton remained.

The result is a new composition for piano solo and audiotape, but essentially WIT IN WIT is a landscape, a fragile relief of tone, sound and silence.
A note that resounds so long that it stretches into a panorama.
A dissonant that digs depth, and in that depth, rock formations take shape from tone clusters, the air filled with oscillating overtones. Sometimes a certain variation had finished for half a minute before the lack of sound attracted attention, so subtle. De Decker makes sound change into silence that is never empty, but in itself again becomes sound, designer and carrier of the music.