Sailing Home

Sailing Home

Rosana Eckert

Label: OA2 Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0805552216820
Catalog number: OA2 22168
Releasedate: 02-08-19
- “What makes her talent unique is the instrumental quality of her own vocal jazz…She can hear changes, has unerring pitch…a sure sense of time and phrasing, and an enviable range.” - Harvey Siders, JazzTimes.
Inspired by experiences, people and scenes from her life, Dallas-based vocalist/composer Rosana Eckert penned 11 new songs for her first recording of all original music. Produced by renowned New York Voices singer/pianist/arranger Peter Eldridge, and with performers including guitarist Corey Christiansen, drummer Steve Barnes, Eldridge on piano and several others, Eckert paints intimate personal portraits through songs like "Blue Flower," adds a soaring vocal improvisation to the unfolding modern orchestration on "Someone Else's Life," or hints at Steely Dan through the the strutting urban groove of "Miles of Blue." “Rosana has one of my favorite kind of voices, where there’s a real person behind the sound, a naturalness and sincerity that is completely compelling, and rare, I think.” – Peter Eldridge, New York Voices