Blue Intuition

Blue Intuition

Various Artists

Label: Intuition
Format: CD
Barcode: 0750447344723
Catalog number: INT 34472
Releasedate: 02-08-19
- A series is planned in which each CD reflects a different mood. "Blue Intuition" kicks off with highlights from the intuition program for the Chillout Lounge.

Hold your breath and dive into an underwater world far from the stresses of daily life, with extraordinary creatures gliding weightless through the endless blue. Your ears can also experience such moments that never seem to end, filled with the pleasures of jazz. Sink into a stream of melodies like fronds in an undersea forest. Float in the tranquil grooves as the surf rolls overhead and the light filters gently down to reveal an astonishing spectrum of movement and color. These are moments full of blue intuition.