Masters of fog (vinyl)

Masters of fog (vinyl)


Label: ACT music
Format: LP 12inch
Barcode: 0614427989215
Catalog number: ACTLP 98921
Releasedate: 27-09-19
- Available as CD and LP
- 1 LP, 180g - incl Download Code
- The four Swedes have been making music together for 10 years now, this is their sixth album "Masters of Fog"

Perserverance yields results  – and sometimes produces things which just seem to get better and Tonbruket (it means ‘sound factory’). The four Swedes have been making music together for 10 years now, and in their sixth album "Masters of Fog", the band has done the musical equivalent of throwing a smoke grenade. Musical genres suddenly become indistinct and blurry. Tonbruket give themselves up to the imagination, to the senses, and to the intoxication of the moment. This roller-coaster ride brings with it an extraordinary intensity and a constantly shifting state of being. It is exciting, totally involving. It really doesn't fit into any category –  except that it is deeply enjoyable.

Crossover war gestern! Musikalische Schubladen funktionieren nicht für die schwedische Soundfabrik Tonbruket um e.s.t. Bassist Dan Berglund und Gitarrist Johan Lindstöm. Zusammen mit Martin Hederos, u.a. Mitglied der erfolgreichen Indierockband „The Soundtrack of Our Lives“, an diversen akustischen wie elektronischen Tasteninstrumenten und Schlagzeuger Andreas Werliin, entsteht eine einzigartiger Bandsound zwischen Jazz, Psychedelic Rock und Neo-Folk. Oder einfach Tonbrukets ganz eigene Interpretation des Begriffs „Jazz“.