Forest Light

Forest Light

Marta Arpini Forest Light

Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917349122
Catalog number: CR 73491
Releasedate: 04-10-19
- Marta Arpini’s debut on Challenge Records and her first ever album
- An album on the joy of discovering and about the excitement and the struggle of growing up
- Forest Light contains a beautiful cover of the Elliott Smith song Between the Bars.
- The vibraphone, played by Eduardo Cardinho, plays an important role and gives the album a light, breezy sound 
Forest Light is the band around Italian singer Marta Arpini. The quintet is in search of a unique and individual sound that connects the musicians’ imagery and intensive playing. They use Marta’s material and invigorate a special universe of deep enchantment. The group combines the suggestive atmosphere of the world of the songwriter with the intensive collaboration characterising jazz, explores unique and individual colours and develops a quaint cross-over language in order to tell meaningful stories through the purity of the “songs”.
Marta Arpini was born in Crema in 1994 and has been studying music since her childhood days. Having graduated in jazz singing from Civici Corsi di Jazz in Milano with distinction, she just graduated at Amsterdam conservatory, where she worked on original compositions for her new project Forest Light, semi-finalist of Keep An Eye International Jazz Award in March 2018. The Amsterdam-based quintet, lined up with vocals, guitar, vibraphone, double bass and drums, is working on Marta’s arrangements and original compositions.
“Telling meaningful stories through the purity of the songs” – Marta invites the listener into her world of experiences, her own, charming microcosm; desirable, tender and heartfelt on the one hand, energetic, fresh and effervescent on the other.