Various composers

It's Christmas Time

Staszek Plewniak | Natalia Kawałek

Label: Ëvoe Music
Format: CD
Barcode: 5905279916081
Catalog number: EVOE 008
Releasedate: 29-11-19
- Played by the The FeelHarmony studio orchestra conducted by Stefan Plewniak
When I think of Christmas time, I think of the two very special days spent with my family before Christmas Eve each year: sneaking around the kitchen full of dishes prepared for the Christmas Eve table; cleaning the house, and enjoying it; building the fire in the fireplace; and the most exciting of all, decorating the Christmas tree. We like to do all these things while listening to Christmas songs. In the company of these songs Christmas is a truly blissful atmosphere of real joy, overwhelming us, and glowing with magic. This is the time when we only venture out into the winter landscape to go sledding or to make a snowman with the children, and then hurry back home to drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies. I associate these days with the songs that I love to listen to on the radio, and which have long been my Christmas musical dream. For ten years the dream has been of recording this album with Stan and Natalia, and each year under the Christmas tree we also wished each other to accomplish a musical project together. For me releasing this album is the fulfilment of a cherished dream, and today the realisation of this ambition leaves me floating a few metres above the earth.