Max Reger - Giuseppe Verdi - Knut Nystedt


Kammerchor der Kreuzkirche Chemnitz & Steffen Walther

Label: Auris Subtilis
Format: CD
Barcode: 4260077710899
Catalog number: AS 5089
Releasedate: 10-01-20

- Newly discovered works, old and new, and classical repertoire
- Commitment to sacred a-cappella choral music in the St. Jakobi-Kreuz Church in Chemnitz
- The pieces are forming a fascinating synthesis

Through this recording, the Chamber Choir of the Kreuzkirche in Chemnitz documents its decades-long commitment to sacred a-cappella choral music.

The focus is distributed equally between newly discovered works, old and new, and classical repertoire.

The Chamber Choir aspires to integrate aspects of its artistic program design in concerts, vespers and church services together with the newly merged community of St. Jakobi-Kreuz Church in Chemnitz, while further radiating far and beyond into in the entire region.

The pieces on this recording present late-Romantic choral works together with works of classical modernism, forming a fascinating synthesis in which the individual works provide a commentary on each other and place each other into a relational context.


Out of the chantry of the Kreuzkirche in Chemnitz, enthusiastic singers founded the
Chamber Choir of the Kreuzkirche in 1991, in collaboration with their cantor Steffen

Next to their liturgical and choral-symphonic program, they cultivated performances
of demanding a-cappella choral literature of both early and new music. Experimental
projects with the Modersohn Sax Quartet enriched their choral work as well as the continuous collaboration with the Chemnitz Baroque Orchestra and Cappella Sagittariana.
The ensemble, comprised of approximately 25 singers, has performed in several cities in
Germany and beyond in Finland and the Netherlands.

In 2002 their first CD was released by auris subtilis. 2010 saw the creation of “Ein Kind
ist uns geboren” [For unto us a child is born] - a recording released by the same label
comprised of Christmas choral music out of five centuries.

Steffen Walther was born in 1963. He received his first organ instruction from the
cathedral organist Günther Metz in Zwickau. He studied church music (organ, improvisation,
harpsichord and conducting) in Dresden and Halle.

His organ studies were
supplemented through courses in interpretation by Ewald Kooiman, among others. He
completed his A-exam in 1986 and received first prizes (1985,1986) in improvisation
competitions in Weimar and Halle.
Since 1986, Steffen Walther is the cantor and organist at the Kreuzkirche in Chemnitz,
and as of 2006 at the Jakobikirche as well.

He engages in extensive concert activities at home and abroad (France, Switzerland,

the Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Belgium), and participates in numerous CD, radio
and television productions. Since 1991, he has been a lecturer in concert and liturgical
organ playing at the College of Church Music in Dresden. In 2015/16, Steffen Walther
held a teaching assignment for improvisation at the Music College “Felix Mendelssohn
Bartholdy” in Leipzig. In addition to his intensive choral work, he focuses on experimental
projects with artists of all persuasions.