Various composers


Corina Marti

Label: Ayros
Format: CD
Barcode: 5902768283105
Catalog number: AYCD 04
Releasedate: 07-02-20
- World-renowed artists performing a unique and rare repertoire

The path that all interested listeners are about to follow leads to the deep and as yet not fully explored woodlands of the instrumental music of the latter half of the fifteenth century in or around southern Germany. It will zig-zag from one repertoire to another, from one manuscript to another, and of course from one ‘soundscape’ to another by presenting different combinations of instruments, in dialogue or simply allowing some of them stand alone to speak for themselves so that at the end of their sonic journey, listeners can fully enjoy a panoramic view of this rich and fascinating tradition.

The major part of the repertoire presented here is culled from three important manuscripts, all copied in the second half of the fifteenth century: the Buxheim organ book (Bux, ca. 1470), the Lochamer song book (Loch, ca. 1460), and the Glogauer partbooks (or Zagan partbooks, to use the title favoured in some recent studies). All three of the books are treasure troves of delightful and unexpected discoveries. Among the composers presented in the French section of this recording are some of the most eminent and wellknown musicians of the fifteenth century: Guillaume Du Fay, Gilles Binchois, Antoine Busnois.

The works are interspersed with Buxheimer’s free instrumental improvisations, redeuntes and preambula. The former consist of a highly ornamented upper voice flowing against a sustained (or repeated) note in the lower, whereas the latter are essentially fantasia-like pieces divided into several parts with contrasting rhythms and textures. Although the rendition here is purely instrumental, words are constantly there at a subliminal level, creating yet another semantic and sonic layer – imperceptible, but always present in the background.

The world-renowned recorder and harpsichord virtuoso, Corina Marti, is recognized internationally for her “strikingly superior and expressive” interpretations (Toccata), and “infallible” performances (Diapason).
She leads an active life, performing as a soloist and chamber musician throughout Europe, both North and South America, the Middle East and Asia.  She has appeared with numerous early music ensembles and orchestras (including Hespèrion XXI, Coro della Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana and the Helsinki Baroque Orchestra), and is co-director and founding member of La Morra, an award-winning late medieval and early renaissance music ensemble which “never fails to keep the listener’s attention alive” (Gramophone).
Her extensive discography, ranging from fourteenth-century istanpitte and intabulations to solo concertos and chamber music of the high baroque, reflects the breadth of her musical interests and technical skills. 
She is a leading pioneer in the development of late medieval and early renaissance keyboard instruments*,  working with makers on creating reconstructions and and spending many hours in libraries researching repertoire. This work has contributed substantially to the present-day revival of these instruments.  
Immediately after studying she was invited to become the first teacher of medieval recorder at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Basel and a few years later she went on to build up a class for medieval keyboard instruments, teaching organetto, clavisimbalum, clavicytherium and renaissance harpsichord. She enjoys spreading her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the next generation of players, both through her teaching at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and also at master classes and music courses throughout the world.