Beyond the Sum of All Parts

Beyond the Sum of All Parts

CvA Concert Big Band / Reinier Baas / Johan Plomp / feat. Ilja Reijngoud / Ben van Gelder / Joris Roelofs

Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917348927
Catalog number: CR 73489
Releasedate: 06-03-20
- unique collabration between CvA Concert Big Band and artist / composer Reinier Baas, conducted (and partly composed) by Johan Plomp
- including guest appearances by (amongst others) Ben van Gelder, Ilja Reijngoud and Joris Roelofs
- a recording of original compositions of Reinier Baas and Johan Plomp
Beyond the Sum of All Parts isn't about Jazz or Rock, riff or runs, but an attempt to reflect the beauty humankind is most capable of when boldly advancing in pursuit of emotional expressiveness.
This recording successfully embodies the here-and-now of our Jazz department at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, documenting the collaborative spirit and the multitude of music dialects that populate our classrooms, stages, and studios. More than ever, our educators and students continue to push the boundaries of music education, challenging themselves to explore the very edge of their comfort level and stretching their learning and teaching into new and different areas. I believe this recording taps the spirit of Jazz, an art form that is known for bringing people together from all backgrounds and walks of life.
On this album, our students, alumni, and educators—representing different generations of players—have come from several parts of the world, and dive into Reinier and Johan’s music with an evident sense of mutual trust, respect, and integrity. And although the focus here lies heavily on the music that is around us—and potentially ahead of us—an omnipresent sense of respect for the history of this unique art form can be sensed from each and every player.
I am proud to present you the latest recording featuring the CvA Concert Big Band, a unique tapestry of talented players whose sum of personalities forges an endeavor that truly goes beyond the sum of all parts.
Edo Righini
Associate Director
Dean of Jazz and Pop Music, CEO of CvA Online
Conservatorium van Amsterdam