Music is the Cure!

Music is the Cure!

La Ninfea & Mirko Ludwig

Label: Perfect Noise
Format: CD
Barcode: 0719279933758
Catalog number: PN 1904
Releasedate: 03-04-20

- Six musicians united by one idea, playing 20 instruments in 27 formations, present a baroque kaleidoscope of pieces from the musical medicine chest.
- Discover Mirko Ludwig's multiple singing-skills
- Most of the pieces on this CD have never been done like this before!

Do you want to live in perfect health – forever? This CD will not only attempt to cure all imaginable ailments – it will even promise you immortality! For,
like our historical counterparts, we are all familiar with the ups and downs of sickness, recovery and health, no matter what our age, provenance or status. Perhaps you’re asking, “A CD that makes me healthy and immortal? How does that work? And wherever did La Ninfea get that idea?”
Well, I would like to say that we found the magical musical instructions for creating the philosophers’ stone in a 17th-century alchemical codex hidden in a dusty coffer in the attic of a charming little castle, but the truth is that we found dozens of prescriptions for musical cures hidden away in archives and
manuscript collections.

Ensemble La Ninfea
Barbara Heindlmeier – Blockflöte/recorder
Christian Heim – Viola da Gamba, Blockflöte/viol, recorder
Marthe Perl – Viola da Gamba/viol
Simon Linné – Theorbe, Barockgitarre, Renaissancelaute, Cister/theorbo, baroque guitar, renaissance lute,
Andreas Küppers – Cembalo, Orgel/harpsichord, organ

La Ninfea (Italian for water lily) belong to the next up-and-coming generation of Early Music artists.
Their historically informed performances, often rediscoveries of lost treasures, are perfect and filled
with refreshing joy. The renowned Austrian classical music station Ö1 writes: “So meticulous their
search for neglected composers and reconstruction of historical scores, so immense their enthusiasm
and vibrant interpretations...”

Performances included appearances at the Tage Alter Musik Berlin, the Trigonale Festival der Alten
Musik, the Stockstädter Blockflötenfesttage and in the Konzerthaus in Vienna.

Their two latest CD
productions have been released by Raumklang Records: The Iron Mask, french instrumental music
from the 17th Century, has received much praise for concept, repertoire, tone and interpretation. A.H.
Schultzen Recorder Sonatas presents vaunted first ever recordings of german baroque compositions.
Sono amante, their debut CD of newly rediscovered cantatas and chamber music by the Bononcini
brothers, featuring soprano Ulrike Hofbauer, was released in 2011 on Thorofon Records and received
with acclaim by audiences and critics alike.

The award-winning members of this ensemble work with notable ensembles and musicians from the
Early Music scene. They have played numerous projects together, in various combinations, which led
finally to the formation of their own ensemble. Since then, La Ninfea has been devoted to the
Chamber Music repertoire of the 17th and 18th Century, especially unknown works worthy of