Roger Kintopf

Label: Double Moon Records
Format: Download Album
Barcode: 0608917196924
Catalog number: DMCHR 71969
- Very own form of musical work as a band leader and conceptualist
- The ensemble provides a very transparent quartet sound, since it dispenses with harmonic instruments
- Through differentiated instrumentation, new sound colors are created from a variable formalism

Structucture unites four individuals, who found their common idea of a musical attitude since the first day they met. Their music aims to create a collective expression of creativity with great energy. The atmosphere shifts between energetic impulses and phases of silence, which are controlled and processed by concentrated interaction of all four musicians.

Roger Kintopf ’s compositions fathom the possibilities of interaction within this quartet without a harmony instrument. The music is based on strong structures, rhythm and harmony, which let the saxophonists Victor Fox and Asger Nissen operate with versatility. Felix Ambach and Roger Kintopf are not merely a rhythm section. As a strongly interlocked unit, Structucture develops an attitude, which focuses the sound of the whole band as well as the flexibility of each individual musician within that constantly moving entity.