The Way We Love

The Way We Love

Shelly Rudolph

Label: OA2 Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0805552218121
Catalog number: OA2 22181
Releasedate: 02-10-20
- “A honey-glazed throat to send chills up and down your spine.” - Los Angeles Times
Vocalist-songwriter Shelly Rudolph presents a unique and lyrical new song set, featuring legendary cellist David Darling whose layered textures blend with a subtle palette of piano-bass-guitar, and cameos from soprano saxist Devin Phillips. Along with six original songs are an inventively re-harmonized arrangement of “Stand By Me,” and a sweetly soulful duet with Redray Frazier on Chris Pierce's “Slow Life.” Long a poet as well, the album showcases her poetic and sensual expressivity on “The Way We Love,” spoken against a sumptuous bed of Darling’s cello tones and Tom Grant's piano. Rudolph's gospel-tinged originals, “Close Enough” and “Calling Me Home,” open and close the session. Also joining Rudolph is guitarist Chance Hayden, bassist Dave Captein, and pianists David Goldblatt, Darrell Grant & David K Mathews. “A robust and captivating vocalist.” - Jazz Times
SHELLY RUDOLPH is a maker of soul music in the broadest, genre-inclusive definition, a fine and sultry singer and songwriter with a sense of adventure and a desire for discovering and conveying emotional truth. As a "robust and captivating vocalist" (Jazz Times), she has dazzled audience around the globe, including New York, Los Angeles, Japan, Korea, the West Indies, and Portland, which she now calls home. Shelly's most recent album, Water in My Hand, has garnered praise from regional and national publications: "Water in My Hands is a stunning album, intoxicating and stimulating, a mature work from an old soul artist"(Montecito Journal).

In keep with her restlessly creative spirit, Shelly's latest adventure finds her moving beyond the "world soul" atmosphere of that album and into an exotic, inviting and enchanting project with Grammy-winning cellist David Darling, The Wild Bird Project. This work-in-progress investigates the terrain of the sensual spirit, creating music that is hypnotic and transporting, a natural outgrowth of her past musical and spiritual explorations and her long-held love for poetry and mythology.