Frouwen Tränen

Frouwen Tränen

Trio Viaggio

Label: Perfect Noise
Format: CD
Barcode: 7192799337894
Catalog number: PN 2001
Releasedate: 02-10-20

- A very unusual album about the Live & Loss, Esceem & Exile
- A pure expression of emotions through 20 different recorder flutes, played by three female musicians, building the Trio Viaggio
- A collection of musical tears for whatever emotional shape of the human beeings.

Three women playing twenty recorders lead a magical dance through six centuries of captivating recorder music - from Dufay, Boismortier and Playford to world premiere recordings of contemporary works.

Musical tears in all their manycoloured facets are collected in this recording by Trio Viaggio.Of course tears are primarily associated with weeping, lamentation and melancholy, but their cultural history shows many more, often astonishing, aspects. Tears both symbolise emotions and are visible proof that the affect, or rhetorical emotion of a work of music, has been conveyed. They are unique in that they leave the body: through them, emotions emerge (albeit in liquid, and therefore ephemeral, form) and become visible to others.

In the Christian religion, tears of remorse were long considered to have healing properties; the tears of relics were laboriously collected and venerated. Pope Clemens VIII was once purportedly so overcome by spiritual fervour that multiple cardinals’ administrations were necessary to dry his cheeks.

According to an Indian legend, the Hindu god Krishna transformed the tears of a lovelorn princess into pearls. These and numerous other myths, legends and rituals surround the phenomenon of tears. The works on this recording portray tears of contented and painful love as well as those stemming from
religious adoration, euphoria and joy.