12 Fantasien für Viola da Gamba
Georg Philipp Telemann

12 Fantasien für Viola da Gamba

Renate Mundi

Label: Perfect Noise
Format: CD
Barcode: 0719279933819
Catalog number: PN 2104
Releasedate: 02-10-20

- The second recording of these 12 Fantasies
- The 12 Fantasies are not very well known as they were just found in the archives
- Very colourful sound of the recording
- Very sensitive interpretation of these small characteristic pieces

The concept

The idea for this CD developed during a recording of the Fantasy No. 7, and quickly established its own momentum. What began as a spontaneous thought experiment soon demanded fulfilment, and morphed swiftly into the desire to take part in the reawakening of this music. What followed was months of intensive dialogue with, and examination of, the 12 Fantasies.


What would rank as of the greatest possible adventures for a gambist? To approach Telemann‘s 12 Fantasies which, having long lain dormant, were recently rediscovered. This is music which paints pictures, is sometimes melancholy and longing, sometimes wild, and often humourous - an inexhaustible wellspring of ideas, moods, sounds and colours.