Honeysuckle Rose

Honeysuckle Rose

Axel Schlosser Quartet

Label: Double Moon Records
Format: Download Album
Barcode: 0608917196528
Catalog number: DMCHR 71965
- A Fats Waller standard by the soloist of the hr-Bigband Axel Schlosser and his quartet
- Once again standards in virtuosity, precision and recognizable joy of playing
The trumpeter and flugelhorn player Axel Schlosser has once again found congenial partners who know how to realize his musical visions and shine with elegant solos that always do justice to the musicality. Schlosser takes himself back and draws on the musical fund of the great era of jazz throughout, a musical journey to Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong. Together with Thilo Wagner on piano, Jean-Philippe Wadle on double bass and his HR-Bigband colleague Jean-Paul Höchstädter on drums, Schlosser formed a remarkable quartet, which once again set standards in virtuosity, precision and recognizable joy of playing, inspiring the audience for two hours.