Les Barbares Galantes
Sebastian George - Ivan Kerzelli - Johann Heinrich Facius

Les Barbares Galantes

Ensemble Altera Pars

Label: Perfect Noise
Format: CD
Barcode: 0719279933857
Catalog number: PN 2007
Releasedate: 08-01-21
- World premiere recordings
- An unknown musical world far away from the musical capitols of that time.
- Rich colours by using period instruments, perfectly captured in a wonderful acoustic

The musical life in the late 18th century‘s Russian metropolises still needs to be researched more extensively: With this recording, the musicians of the Altera Pars ensemble impressively demonstrate what masterpieces are waiting for their discovery.

Recorded in the beautiful acoustics of the Sendesaal Bremen.

Ensemble Altera Pars
Polina Gorshkova Flauto Traverso / Traversfl öte
(Rudolph Tutz, Innsbruck 2013 aft er Heinrich Grenser, Dresden ca. 18th c.)

Dorothee Kunst Flauto Traverso / Traversfl öte
(Martin Wenner, Singen 2018, aft er August Grenser, Dresden ca. 18th c.)

Martyna Pastuszka Baroque Violin / Barockvioline
(Violin made by Valentino Siani, Firenze 1638)

Adam Pastuszka Baroque Violin / Barockvioline
(Roger Hargrave, 2016, aft er Guarneri del Gesu)

Pavel Serbin Baroque Cello / Barockcello
(Anonymus, Amsterdam School, ca. 1770)

Davit Melkonyan Baroque Cello / Barockcello
(Albert Caressa, 1905, Paris)

The international ensemble “Altera Pars” (in English: Other Side) specializes in the performance of baroque and classical music.
The musicians are leading soloists of European orchestras on period instruments. This allows for a variation of the line-up from 3 to 9 people and opens up a rich chamber repertoire from the 18th to the early 19th century.
In the last four years, the ensemble initiated a much-praised series of concerts in the Oldenburg Palace.