Turn Out The Stars - The Music of Bill Evans

Turn Out The Stars - The Music of Bill Evans

Pinheiro / Ineke / Cavalli

Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917352320
Catalog number: CR 73523
Releasedate: 05-02-21
- The Music of Bill Evans
- Feauturing Ricardo Pinheiro, Eric Ineke and Massimo Cavalli
Inspired by the music of the extraordinary pianist Bill Evans, the Pinheiro - Ineke - Cavalli Trio explores in this new album musical landscapes constructed from delicate arrangements and intricate musical interaction. In this vibrant recording, the trio reaches a new level of maturity and consolidated artistry that appears in the way the group develops musical discourse and improvisation. The guitar/bass/drums trio is here reinvented by the hand of these talented and experienced musicians. 
Pinheiro / Ineke / Cavalli
The Pinheiro-Ineke-Cavalli trio departs from a musical relationship developed in the last five years by the historic Dutch drummer Eric Ineke, the Italian double-bass player Massimo Cavalli and Portuguese guitarist Ricardo Pinheiro. After their cd collaboration as quintet with the famous saxophonist David Liebman and pianist Mário Laginha in Is Seeing Believing? (DBCHR 75224), these three experienced musicians developed a studio trio conversation departing mainly from jazz standards arranged especially for this project. This trio has played several concerts in Portugal that resulted in the development of a group sound that, coming from the jazz tradition, incorporates new and creative ways of approaching jazz repertoire. The international character of this trio brings a fresh, diverse and complying sound that will certainly please jazz afficionados