As the Decade Passed

As the Decade Passed

Lex Jasper Trio & Strings

Label: Challenge Records
Format: Download Album
Barcode: 0608917379426
Catalog number: CR 73794
- An original compositions by Lex Jasper
- Lavishly enriched by the Riverside String Orchestra

It is not often that one is lucky enough to directly observe the creation of unique beauty, perfect craftsmanship, absolute passion and profound dedication. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to experience these with the creation of “Lexposure”, in Cologne at the end of August 2020. This took place in the legendary, state-of-the-art “Riverside Studios”, under the auspices of the producer Ralf Kemper, who actively and artistically directed the entire technical recording at the mixing desk.

Thus it came about that the best technology and the best musical skills came together here at one of the most high profile studio locations in the world. With ingenious talents on all of these different levels, it was inevitable that something uniquely beautiful was created.

This production was led by the well known Dutch bandleader, pianist, arranger & composer Lex Jasper, and his trio features Vincent Koning on guitar and Frans van Geest on bass . All are masterful veteran musicians in their own right, and complement.

So well captured here in this recording, we find a very successful, high-endproduction of harmonically and melodically beautiful arrangements... Ballads, Bossa Nova and groovy, swinging arrangements of 15 original compositions, which all come together here to form a beautiful “high work of art“.

Jasper’s compositions and arrangements all have their own musical horizon, their own claim to timeless beauty and the guarantee and claim to taste and brilliance. You hear it in every note. Its unique sound belongs entirely to him. It runs like a red thread through all of the compositions and arrangements.

The entire flow of the recordings synthesizes into a magical sound journey - and the real “Lexposure”.

Oliver Frederick Koelling
Composer & Arranger

Lex Jasper brings to our ear not only his craftsmanship as a pianist, but also the decades of long experience as an arranger and conductor. The inventiveness displayed in his playing, gives one the impression that he is arranging on the spot
 Add to this, the sublime groove that Frans and Vincent, long time musical buddies, lay underneath Lex’ playing, and one gets the type of jazz that makes you want to get your feet off the ground. 
They are all accomplished musicians who listen to each other, play to make each other sound as good as possible, they are sensitive to each others’ dynamic and intensity ranges, and you hear the joy they have while playing this music.
Notes from the Netherlands includes the important features required to make this piano, bass, guitar combination operate as smoothly as it should.
Lex Jasper’s compositions blend so well with the other selections, you find yourself thinking that they just might be standards that haven’t yet been heard.