Telemann Intimissimo
Georg Philipp Telemann

Telemann Intimissimo

Christian Heim | Avinoam Shalev

Label: Perfect Noise
Format: CD
Barcode: 0719279933963
Catalog number: PN 2201
Releasedate: 11-03-22
- 1 composer. 2 musicians. 3 instruments. 5 different combinations. • Exceptionally gifted musician Christian Heim (recorder and viola da gamba) in partnership with 1 st prize winner of the International Bach Competition in Leipzig in 2018 Avinoam Shalev (harpsichord)
- Fascinating variety of instrumental combinations, moods and timbres with only two players
- The essence of Telemann‘s virtuosic compositional art captured in outstanding solo and duo works: skillfully chosen, brilliantly combined and superbly performed
- Entirely new and unique duo programme
- Harpsichordist Avinoam Shalev, 1st prize winner of the International Bach Competition in Leipzig in 2018, is a befitting and inspiring partner for versatile multi-instrumentalist Christian Heim
- At home with Telemann: intimate interpretations that are nonetheless temperamental, thoughtful and full of humour and joy

- 1 Komponist, 2 Musiker, 3 Instrumente, 5 unterschiedliche Besetzungen
- Ausnahmetalent Christian Heim (Blockflöte und Viola da Gamba) trifft auf den 1. Preisträger des internationalen Bachwettbewerbs Leipzig 2018 Avinoam Shalev (Cembalo)
- Beeindruckende Vielfalt an Besetzungen, Farben und Stimmungen bei lediglich zwei ausführenden Musikern
- Die Essenz von Telemanns virtuoser Kompositionskunst eingefangen in großartigen Solo- und Duo-Werken: grandios ausgewählt, raffiniert kombiniert, beeindruckend ausgeführt
- So ein Programm eines Musikerduos gab es noch nie!
- Die Doppelkompetenz von Christian Heim mit Viola da Gamba und Blockflöte findet im Bach-Preisträger Avinoam Shalev als Cembalisten einen würdigen und höchst inspirierenden Gegenspieler
- zu Gast bei Telemann: intim besetzt, und doch voller Temperament, Spielfreude, Tiefgang und Humor
Christian Heim (recorder and viola da gamba) and Avinoam Shalev (harpsichord) invite you to follow Georg Philipp Telemann‘s road to fame via an exclusive tour of his „workshop“ – unpredictable and adventurous, from heated exchanges to fanciful solo flights without a safety net. 5 different combinations of 3 instruments played by 2 musicians with music of 1 composer: Telemann intimissimo!
Christian Heim and Avinoam Shalev met while playing with the Baroque orchestra „la festa musicale” and have performed together in different ensembles ever since, including Ensembe La Ninfea. This album, their first duo project, allowed them to apply their curiosity and enthusiasm to an exploration of solo and duo combinations. Their mutual inspiration and communication are a catalyst for new ideas and further cooperation. Christian Heim (viola da gamba/violone/recorder) lives in Bremen, Germany, but grew up in Pinzgau, Austria. Surrounded by ancient traditions, he soon developed a fascination for historical life, which in turn sparked his interest in early music. He went on to study recorder and cello at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and viola da gamba at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen. Since then, his instrumental repertoire has grown to include every instrument in the recorder and viol family, and he performs as a solo artist as well as in chamber music and orchestra projects. His versatility makes him a well-appreciated partner in cooperations with various ensembles and conductors, with whom he has performed on more than 30 CDs. He performs regularly with Ensemble Weser-Renaissance (Manfred Cordes), Sirius Viols (Hille Perl) and la festa musicale (Anne-Marie Harer) and is a frequent guest with Teatro del mondo (Andreas Küppers), Capella de la Torre (Katharina Bäuml), Ensemble Art d'Echo (Juliane Laake), Gaechinger Cantorey (Hans-Christoph Rademann), Ensemble Schirokko (Rachel Harris), Das Kleine Konzert (Hermann Max) and the RIAS Kammerchor. He has performed in opera productions under the direction of Andrea Marcon (Frankfurt) and Václav Luks (Kiel) as well as in Mexico with Los Temperamentos. His solo programs, in which he often plays both recorder and viola da gamba, show his skills on multiple instruments. His interest in new music and enthusiasm for dialogue with living composers has led to appearances in various world premiere performances. As one of the founders of Ensemble La Ninfea, he is able to create unique programs for which he often does extensive research, writes arrangements and serves as artistic and musical director. He is also passionate about teaching music and passing his vast knowledge about historical instruments, the art of making music and music of different epochs on to his students.