Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Idit Shner & Mhondoro

Label: OA2 Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0805552219821
Catalog number: OA2 22198
Releasedate: 08-07-22
" excellent group of players jamming, meshing together fluidly, and the energy is consistently high...Shner's solos can twinkle and extend like Coltrane or honk and squawk like Big Jay McNeely..."  - ALL MUSIC GUIDE
Its name meaning “the lion spirit” in Shona, a language of Zimbabwe, MHONDORO has produced a powerful first album, full of joy and brimming with the force of life. Melding traditional Zimbabwean music, American jazz, and an unmistakable dose of the Pacific Northwest, Heat Wave celebrates the culmination of its diverse roots. Born during the pandemic as Israeli saxophonist Idit Shner, Zimbabwean vocalist & percussionist John Mambira, and the Oregon-bred rhythm section of pianist Torrey Newhart, bassist Garrett Baxter, and drummer Ken Mastrogiovanni formed a "parent pod" to allow their children to attend virtual school together while the parents jammed in the living room. Realizing that put together, the music created was both global and hyper-local—truly American, in the best sense of the word—it provided a thrilling artistic escape from the times and exciting possibilities for the future.