5th International Clarinet Competition Ghent 2022! (2CD BluRay)
Dirk Brossé

5th International Clarinet Competition Ghent 2022! (2CD BluRay)

Flanders Symphony Orchestra

Label: Aliud
Format: CD
Barcode: 8717775551522
Catalog number: ACDOE 1192
Releasedate: 06-05-22
- Live recording in immersive Sound
= Double Cd and Blu-Ray in Auro 3D format.
The original idea for this fifth clarinet competition was that it would be part of the “Van Eyck project 2020 – 2021”. Everyone knows why this has been delayed by a year. For this competition, three composers were asked to write a new work inspired by the characteristic painting by Jan Van Eyck, “Adoration of the Mystic Lamb”. The composers Alain Crepin (Lam Gods Impressions), Johan Duijck (L’Homme désarmé) and Dirk Brossé (The Secret of the Mystic Lamb) have succeeded in this in a very special way. The International Clarinet Competition Ghent has now been organized for the fifth time. It has now grown into a special and highly appreciated competition that, due to its great and quickly built up success, has attracted registrations from more than 200 candidates from 5 continents. Of these, 65 clarinetists were selected to participate. On this album you can listen to the three finalists and enjoy their exceptional playing. Accompanied by the Flanders Symphony Orchestra, the Zemlinsky Quartet, Johan Duijck (piano) and soprano Franches Dhont, they will take you into the atmosphere of the competition!