Three Seconds | Kolme Toista (vinyl)

Three Seconds | Kolme Toista (vinyl)

Jussi Reijonen

Label: Challenge Records
Format: LP 12inch
Barcode: 0608917355420
Catalog number: CRLP 73554
Releasedate: 24-03-23
- Ft. Jason Palmer, Bulut Gülen, Layth Sidiq, Naseem Alatrash, Utar Artun, Kyle Miles, Keita Ogawa, Vancil Cooper and Luis Bacqué
- 180 grams audiophile vinyl
- "This is an album meticulously pulled together into a dense fabric of diverse musical threads. It merits repeated listening; with each fresh listen, the richness of Reijonen’s intercultural vocabulary becomes more apparent.” London Jazz News - "Even in our present jazz moment, when the art form is worldwide and vital, albums that come as complete surprises are relatively rare. Three seconds Kolme Toista is a stunner." Jazz Times - " Three seconds Kolme Toista is spellbinding from beginning to end, and full of virtuoso performances." AllAboutJazz
As I write these notes sitting on my balcony in July 2022, it has been more than 9 years since the release of my debut album un | ان and more than 11 years since it was recorded. The time since has been a personally tumultuous period of twists and turns – retreat, reflection, realization, reassessment, therapy, triumph, trial and error – entangled in a decade-long creative block that had me questioning whether I would ever be able to compose again. Though I felt there was so much I wanted and needed to say, I felt I had lost my voice, or perhaps never had one in the first place. A constant knot had grown tighter and tighter within me over time, but I did not understand what had created it or how it might be undone. In 2018, shaken awake by the collision of two transients, I suddenly saw in a new light old patterns whose familiar presences I realized I had felt for much of my life, but had until then never seen for what they were. Following a third, I finally found the humility to surrender, and as I began re-examining and confronting myself, I slowly started to discover new answers – and new questions to ask. Then the Covid-19 pandemic happened, and the world stopped. Like so many of us caught in the new eerie calm, I retreated into inner spaces. I began revisiting sketches of ideas I had accumulated over the years, and finally, very, very slowly, new music started to come.