Dreaming and Waking
Benedetto Marcello - Sylvius Leopold Weiss - Giuseppe Sammartini - Giacomo Carissimi - Godfry Finger - Giovanni Giorlamo Kapsberger

Dreaming and Waking

Iris Lichtinger

Label: Perfect Noise
Format: CD
Barcode: 0719279933987
Catalog number: PN 2205
Releasedate: 03-02-23
-    Two of the most respected German specialists for Eraly Music finally do a recording together
-    Recorded in a appropriate acoustic for this music 
-    most natural recording without artificial sound shaping or digital reverb. 
-    Two of the musicians who recorded the famous "Augsburger Weihnacht" CD
Samuel Pepys (1633 - 1703) pondered the difference between dreaming and waking in his personal diary, which the English Member of the House of Commons, Secretary of State of the Royal Navy and passionate amateur musician kept during the years 1660 -1669. Among other things, he played the lute and noted on Thursday, April 16, 1668, that he had begun to learn the recorder, the sound of which attracted him the most "of all the sounds in the world." Musical treasures between dream immersion and joie de vivre from the multinational melting pot of baroque London.