In Memoriam I
Franz Schubert

In Memoriam I

Pieter Wispelwey | Paolo Giacometti

Label: Evil Penguin
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917723724
Catalog number: EPRC 0050
Releasedate: 03-02-23
- The first of two discs by Pieter Wispelwey that will be released in 2023 is a re-assembling of previously released recordings of works by Schubert.
- This short series is titled In Memoriam and is inspired by a grave loss Pieter suffered a few months ago.
- The disc includes Schubert’s masterpieces for violin and piano, transcribed for cello – and the most famous Trockne Blumen, originally for flute.
- To accompany Pieter on piano is his faithful musical companion Paolo Giacometti.
Half a year before my sixtieth birthday my family and I suffered a massive, tragic blow, when my son Dorian died. While still shaken to my foundations, a way forward seems to me to be to allow music to play a constructive and healing role. So I have recorded Bach’s Fifth Suite and Kodaly’s Solosonata to form the Scordatura Album for a September In Memoriam II release. This first In Memoriam for my beloved Dorian, consists of a rerelease of the three greatest Schubert Violin-Piano pieces and the wonderful Trockne Blumen Vartiations, as Schubert had played a big role in his life as a singer and a music lover.

This is the text Pieter Wispelwey wrote to accompany this very special release. There is not much to add to this First In Memoriam. Just that the disc includes previously released material, drawn from the series of six volumes devoted to transcription of music by Schubert and Brahms. Besides the Trockne Blumen mentioned above, it contains the Sonata D.574, the Rondo D.895 and the Fantasy D.934.