Jeux de Couleurs
Claude Debussy - Maurice Ravel

Jeux de Couleurs

Trio Khaldei

Label: Evil Penguin
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917723625
Catalog number: EPRC 0049
Releasedate: 07-04-23
  • An engaging programme of impressionistic piano trios.

  • A combination of well - and lesser- known pieces: Debussy's 'La Mer' (in Sally Beamish arragement), Belgian composer Frits Celis' Trio (1958) and Ravel's great Piano Trio.

  • A disc fully embracing an orchestral approach to a small context, while enhancing the contrasting sonorities of piano and strings.

The idea of the 'Jeux de Couleurs' recording came to us when we thought of combining Frits Celis' trio with one of the greatest works of the chamber music repertoire, Ravel’s Piano Trio, and an arrangement of Debussy's 'La mer' by Sally Beamish. Combining well - and lesser- known pieces, performing vast orchestral works in the smaller context of the piano trio, and searching for nuance and colours are recurrent themes in our musical choices.

The music on the present recording fully embraces the contrasting sonorities of piano and strings. The two works by Debussy and Ravel, in particular, transcend the boundaries of the piano trio genre in similar ways, albeit from different perspectives. Maurice Ravel, ever conscious of the challenges posed by this particular formation, adopts an almost orchestral approach to the piano trio. In turn, Frits Celis combines subtle, impressionistic colours with a powerful rhythmic drive. Sally Beamish’s arrangement of Debussy’s La mer, on the other hand, successfully condenses Debussy’s brilliant orchestral writing without sacrificing any of its expressive power.

Throughout the entire programme, each instrument brings its full range of possibilities to these games of colours (‘Jeux de Couleurs’), a musical counterpart to Paul Klee’s graceful colour play that adorns the cover of this CD. Time and again the piano trio is truly transformed into an orchestra of three.