Céline Voccia Trio

Label: Jazzwerkstatt
Format: CD
Barcode: 4250317420824
Catalog number: JW 226
- showcases the formidable talents of three of the finest musicians on the Free Jazz scene today
Abîme, the new album from the Céline Voccia Trio, showcases the formidable talents of three of the finest musicians on the Free Jazz scene today. Pianist Voccia is joined by Jan Roder on bass and Michael Griener on drums, and together they create a remarkable sound world that integrates the spontaneity of Free Jazz with the structures of modern composition and the performance practices of the avant-garde. The interplay of the three musicians involved is of particular note. The music is not only technically complex but also deeply felt, thanks to the trio’s ability to compliment, subvert and reframe each other’s musical gestures at a moment’s notice. The result is a fascinating collection of music where first-rate technique is combined with a considerable richness of feeling— in turns, fierce, restrained, delicate, furious, playful and melancholy, with the trio’s keen sense of focus always to the fore.

Throughout the album it is easy to perceive that Voccia, Roder and Griener each have a strong appreciation of how unity and individualism within the group can be coordinated on both large and small scales. This instinctive understanding clearly functions as a source of continual inspiration for the performers, as they mould and sculpt their shared musical material, creating a captivating body of music that is constantly developing into surprising new forms. For the listener this culminates in an outstanding album of unique sonic intensity and emotional depth. Francis Heery