Florian Egli Weird Beard

Label: Intuition
Format: CD
Barcode: 0750447346024
Catalog number: INT 34602
Releasedate: 05-05-23
- Post-Jazz in its most exciting form
- Excellent studio recording, produced by David Odlum at Blackbox-Studio in Brittany
- Swiss crossover Jazzband led by multiple-awarded Saxophone player Florian Egli
- Melodious-melancholic, gently grooving jazz that takes you into atmospheric spheres of sound
With one foot in jazz and the other in a wild range of other styles, this Swiss group has evolved a unique musical identity. Influences from cool and electric jazz co-exist with elements of pop, rock, disco, dub, and electronica. The group overturns jazz conventions and dispenses with the usual hierarchy of solo voice and rhythm group. The only thing that counts is the total sound of the group. Weird Beard reimagines jazz as pop. There are no solos in the traditional sense, usually just collective improvisation with sounds above a fixed rhythmic foundation. The music moves at a leisurely pace. It doesn’t try to dominate a room, but beneath its casual, introverted surface the electricity is palpable. “Vertigo” was recorded at Blackbox Studios in Brittany by Irish producer and studio magician David Odlum (dEUS, Josh Ritter, Luka Bloom), who brought the full spectrum of creativity, love of detail, and fantasy of a pop album to the project. The result is Post-Jazz in its most exciting form!