The clarinet as prima donna
Carl Maria von Weber

The clarinet as prima donna

Roeland Hendrikx

Label: Evil Penguin
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917724028
Catalog number: EPRC 0053
Releasedate: 05-05-23
- On this recording, Belgian clarinettist Roeland Hendrikx intends to rehabilitate Weber by playing his best music.

- Weber was an animal of the theatre. In his operas, but also in his concertante works. And his favourite dramatic instrument was undoubtedly the clarinet. This recording looks at Carl Maria von Weber's clarinet music from this perspective". Therefore: a new arrangement of the Freischütz aria by Andreas Tarkmann.

- The introductory assertion in the Breitkopf & Hartel-edition of 1954 states that Weber’s three works for clarinet and orchestra represent “a clear creative climax...the precipitation of a completely mature personality”. With this newly composed cadenza for first clarinet concerto by Andreas Tarkmann, Hendrikx reinterprets the creative interaction between Bärmann and Weber.

- Previous release by Roeland Hendrikx on Evil Penguin: Dedications (Clarinet Concertos by Finzi, Mozart and Bruch). Klassik Heute: "Hendrikx's soft, unbroken tone, perfect in all registers, blends wonderfully with the with downright heavenly euphony and sublime tonal perfection of London Philharmonic."
This recording celebrates Carl Maria von Weber’s unrivalled talent to turn the clarinet into an opera diva, to make it talk, sing, cry and shine. But Belgian virtuoso Roeland Hendrikx also teams up with award-winning arranger Andreas Tarkmann and the Rheinische Philharmonie to solve a number of other riddles surrounding “the first German Romantic”. What was the division of labour between Weber and his clarinettist of choice, Heinrich Baermann? How much Baermann do we have to scrape off to meet the real Weber? And crucially, how much Tarkmann do we have to inject to find the full Weber?