Komitas Vardapet - Charles Aznavour - Aram Chatsjatoerjan - Arno Babajanyan - Georgy Saradjyan


Mkhitar Ghazaryan

Label: Aliud
Format: CD
Barcode: 8717775551744
Catalog number: ACDOE 1322
Releasedate: 12-05-23
- The compositions you will hear on this CD are masterpieces.
- They are among the top of the Armenian Classical Piano repertoire.
- Mkhitar speaks of himself as a success philosopher, an entrepreneur and a human being on the path of growth.
- After he came to the Netherlands in 2011, he completed his studies in 2018 thanks in part to an exemplary work ethic. He then went on to focus on working and entrepreneurship
The compositions included on this CD are from a selection of Mkhitar’s favorite Armenian  piano compositions. In the near future, he will seek out more sheet music to feature even  more of Armenian music. 

Armenian classical piano music originated from folk melodies brought to life by the Armenian people thousands of years ago. Composers such as Komitas Vardapet, Robert Andreasyan, Georgy Saradjyan, Aram Chatsjatoerjan, Arno Babajanyan and others have used these ancient folk melodies in their compositions and thus the style “Armenian Classical Piano Music” was born. 

The music is about the history of the Armenian people, about the joy and about the pain of a true Armenian. It is about the culture, about our traditions, about Armenian landscapes, the mountains and nature and about the Armenia of every day.