In Between

In Between

Jan Geijtenbeek | Thomas Pol | Niek de Bruijn

Label: Challenge Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917356526
Catalog number: CR 73565
Releasedate: 15-09-23
In 2019, my wife Anne Metje and I spent an extended period in Cambridge (MA, USA). The exact address was 141 Oxford Street, at a place called Common Place, near Porter Square. Anne Metje, my wife, was doing research at Harvard, while I was practicing, composing, and performing a tiny little bit – but mostly I was enjoying my time off performing and teaching in the Netherlands. We loved our time there, eating a bagel breakfast at Farouk’s place called ‘Café Rustica’ almost every morning, reading books, going out to dinner, eating oysters, drinking great wines, hosting friends – it was just perfect. Yet, what we enjoyed most was meeting all the lovely people there. The music on this record reflects what we’ve experienced there. That ranges from a bike ride on a sunny day in Cambridge, the beautiful view over Boston while walking across the Longfellow Bridge on a lush summer evening, many loud and bumpy rides on the Red Line to Boston, to hearing the heartbreaking news from Dayton, Ohio. And of course, there is an homage to our home at 141 Oxford Street.