Alloy (vinyl)

Alloy (vinyl)

Jeremias Keller

Label: Ronin Rhythm Records
Format: LP 12inch
Barcode: 0610098167075
Catalog number: RONLP 034
Releasedate: 04-08-23
- 180 grams vinyl
- vinyl only release
Band leader, bassist and composer Jeremias Keller shows his quality as a creative multiinstrumentalist, arranger and contemporary indie producer on his new solo album ALLOY. Known as leader of his own band "Vertigo", as mastermind behind the home studio project "Lakota" and since 2020 as bassist of Nik Bärtsch's RONIN, he presents a concept album with a completely unique approach: in his very own way of combining influences of post-rock, prog, jazz, electronica and indie pop, he reinvents Moduls by Nik Bärtsch and RONIN, thereby opening up unheard aspects, soundscapes and groove interpretations of these pieces and their philosophy. Keller modulates the modules himself in a cool, dirty and at the same time subtle, respectful and sophisticated way into previously unknown cosmic depth and wideness of music. He thus creates his own “Neue Groove Musik”, which has affinity for club sound, ambient trance and meditative depth and even includes humorous and quirky sound episodes reminiscent of new classical music or the beautiful strange film music of Danny Elfman or oddball episodes by Hermeto Pascoal.

The album contains the five pieces "Vanadium", "Silicium", "Germanium", "Ferrum" and "Oxygenium", which have the Moduls 23, 14, 32, 26 and 8 as their basis and move away from them in different ways. They represent new musical alloys of the old atomic-compositional entities and their elements. Keller explores the music creatively and scientifically like a science fiction author and recombines the rhythmic levels, tonal structures and the resulting harmonies in his home studio - all played, recorded and mixed by himself. He uses all the instruments himself (keyboards, guitars, electric and double basses, drums, percussion, recorders, flutes, vocals and even bird whistles) and creates a new cosmos of acoustic and electronic sounds.

Keller thus not only creates a new music but shows us a new creative way to interpret and transform musical templates. He gives us an intimate, crystalline insight into his infinite, energetic creativity and is playfully easy meandering in the triangle of composition, interpretation and improvisation.

Keller shows with this album once again that he is one of the biggest talents of the Swiss music scene, who already produces music like an internationally experienced old cat - fresh and with beginner's mind and at the same time style-forming and with awareness and consciousness for the natural flow of music history.