In Memoriam II: The Scordatura Album
Benjamin Britten - Johann Sebastian Bach - Zoltán Kodály

In Memoriam II: The Scordatura Album

Pieter Wispelwey

Label: Evil Penguin
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917724325
Catalog number: EPRC 0056
Releasedate: 06-10-23
- stark statement of repertoire filled with personal significance and universal beauty
- unparalleled preformance of Kodály's sonata for cello solo
- Pieter combines intense energy and emotional connection in his interpretation of the pieces

“This Scordatura Album is the second In Memoriam album in honour of my son Dorian. It features two illustrious masterpieces written for cello in alternative, darker tunings: the Bach Suite with the top string lowered by a whole tone and the Kodály Sonata with the two bottom strings lowered by a semitone. Both pieces are fierce, resilient and profound and although painted in dark colours, they comfort us with their show of sheer musical power and luminous inventiveness.”