... elusive epiphanies ...
Sandeep Bhagwati

... elusive epiphanies ...

Moritz Ernst

Label: Perfect Noise
Format: Download Album
Barcode: 0719279934045
Catalog number: PN 2303
First recording of Bhagwatis Epiphanies
The composer was there during the recording session
Moritz Ernst is one of Bhagwatis old friends, this old collaboration makes a perfect interpretation possible
Sandeep Bhagwati wrote the 36 fragments of „Music of Crossings“ between 2015 and 2018. Initially, he had started to compose this piano music as a daybreak meditation and improvisation - a counter-weight to the several slowly evolving large-scale, heavily technological and trans-traditional collaborative and comprovisational projects he worked on over these years. In contrast to such complex projects, these miniatures could be written by him alone, usually in a day or two, in minute detail. They deliberately avoid extended piano technique and technological sound treatment – in spirit with the improvisatory nature of their creation, Bhagwati wanted to allow players, too, almost spontaneous instantiations.