Eroica / Erard
Ludwig van Beethoven

Eroica / Erard

Luca Montebugnoli

Label: Evil Penguin
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917724622
Catalog number: EPRC 0059
Releasedate: 12-01-24
  • Historical Inspiration: The performance is inspired by a significant historical moment, where Beethoven played the "Eroica" Symphony on his Erard Frères piano, evoking the idea of a musical experience so powerful that "Heaven and Earth must shake."
  • Unique Arrangement: Luca Montebugnoli has created a brand-new arrangement of this iconic symphony, tailored for a replica of Beethoven's Erard piano. This unique arrangement offers a fresh perspective on a classical masterpiece.
  • Reviving a Neglected Art: The event contributes to the revival of the often overlooked art of piano arrangement. It showcases the skill of adapting orchestral works for solo piano performance, breathing new life into this artistic tradition.
  • Exploration of Beethoven's Instrument: Through this performance, the audience gains insight into Beethoven's revolutionary choice of instrument, the Erard piano, allowing them to explore the full potential of the instrument that played a significant role in his life and work.

October 1803: On hearing Beethoven play the “Eroica” Symphony on his new Erard Frères piano, a witness remarked, “Heaven and Earth must shake at its performance.” Inspired by this historical scene, Luca Montebugnoli has created a new arrangement of the symphony designed for and played on a unique replica of Beethoven’s Erard piano. By delivering a novel interpretation of an iconic work, Montebugnoli revives the neglected art of piano arrangement, while also exploring the full potential of what was in Beethoven’s life a revolutionary instrument.