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From the recording studio to the ear

New Arts brings your music to your fans

Music is everywhere around us. Physical sound carriers like the CD and vinyl are still here but their role is becoming smaller. Younger generations listen to music in different ways and we have adapt to these changing times, where downloading and streaming music are very important ways to search for and listen to our favorite music.
NewArts International still does the traditional cd&vinyl distribution for many international labels, like ECM Records, Channel Classics, Hyperion, BIS, ACT and many many more: see the fine labels we work with in this list.
For more labels we also provide a digital distribution service. We know how to handle metadata and have a track record in exploring new channels to get the music out there and receive remuneration.
NewArts International has its home base in the Netherlands, but also offices in England, Germany, France and Italy. Besides that we have excellent ties with distributors in many countries who help us to get the music across. We have an intricate network to support everything we do. This way we make sure that our music is distributed worldwide  (physically and digitally) and available for music lovers in every corner of the globe.

Getting noticed

Be it in a magazine or on a poster in a railway station: we know what we need to do!

In this day and age, it is not as simple as making an advertisement in a magazine and to have free publicity reviews if you want to get exposure. Today everybody has a voice, not only the so-called specialists. We all can share our opinion about art, culture, fashion, styling cooking... about everything we love. That is why not only the traditional ways to get the music across are appropriate. We are also constantly searching for other interesting voices that really have something to say and can help us to spread the word, the music! After all, beautiful music just has to be heard and there are a lot of intelligent ways to do this.
At New Arts International we are specialized in getting noticed, we have a large marketing and communication network and therefore many ways that can help us with the visibility of our artists and music. Because of these strong relationships and many channels we are also often asked to do marketing and promotion for others.

A first impression can only be made once

Good appearances are the first step in good longterm relationships. NewArtsInternational has a team of graphic design professionals who know how to convert your statement and mission into a fitting appearance.

We intend to listen to our customers and see we're how we can put our expertise into a workable solution. Most of our clients are working in the international cultural scene so we know how to work all different kinds of budgets.
We have a good network in printhouses all over Europe, and our portfolio consists of books to packaging, from stationary 's to special product. Even as far as photography, we can help you getting the right pictures for your product; from a simple portrait to a conceptual image, we offer our Art direction services with the photographer of your needs.

So we can deliver you an A to Z service with the best quality to price range ratio, all tailor made to your requirements.


Manage your content with Tunebase

One system, endless flexibility, the ultimate freedom

Flexibility created by modules
Tunebase is a modular system which enables optimal flexibility for its users. The system can be adapted according to your specific needs. In the set-up phase, you can decide upon the modules that fit your needs.

Tunebase does not put any restrictions on the design of your website, app or intranet. You can decide on the look and position of different elements in the front-end. One of our designers makes sure it fits your wishes, needs and corporate identity. Whether you want responsive templates, a design which is tablet proof in technique and usability, we can serve your needs.
Connecting sources
Tunebase is designed as a source of all your content and activity. It is able to export content to digital platforms, copyright organisations and other sales systems. Critically, Tunebase can share content quickly and easily make it available for
different platforms.

Changes in the market
Tunebase is developed by New Arts International, a company specialising in music. Therefore, we know about the daily practice and intricacies of the industry. Tunebase is developed with the specific purpose of giving you the tools to reach your customers in the most efficient way. In a changing market it is necessary that a system is able to respond in the right way to the dynamics of the evolving consumer world. This is one of the main goals for its DNA and software. In short, with Tunebase you choose for the future, whatever that may be!

Quickly responding to current events
To be able to quickly respond to current events, all data needs to be easily accessible from the system. With just a few clicks you can create an EPK (electronic press kit) which can be delivered in the mailboxes of the most important press within five minutes. Sharing biographies, putting quotes on social media and making newsletters is very easy with our system. Afterwards, the results of these activities will be registered and can easily be found and monitored in the systems.