Wolfert Brederode / Eric Ineke / Gulli Gudmundsson / Harry Sokal / Jarmo Hoogendijk

Label: A Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 0608917317220
Catalog number: AL 73172
Wolfert Brederode - piano Harry | Sokal – soprano & tenor saxophones | Jarmo Hoogendijk - trumpet | Gulli Gudmundsson - bass | Eric Ineke - drums

The Wolfert Brederode – Eric Ineke Quintet presents an outstanding level of musicianship. Their music has an intense rhythmic and melodic drive, while remaining transparent and flowing. The solid musical unity of this quintet is revealed through the collective sensitivity for open playing which leads to exploration of new soundscapes at any given moment. The personal and unique sound comes from an eclectic blend of modern jazz, free music, folk elements and contemporary classical music. The Wolfert Brederode Trio has been around for several years, characterized by strong regular performances throughout Europe. New developments led to an extended setting which is how this unique quintet came to life.