BHS Organ Trio

Label: Mons Records
Format: CD
Barcode: 4260054555154
Catalog number: MR 874515
Releasedate: 28-06-11
  Bauser, Hellmüller and Stulz have dedicated themselves to "organ jazz" and are following in its great tradition. Defined as a separate genre since the 60s, the German-Swiss trio free it from any old fashioned connotations and bring it confidently back to jazz’s top level. With their classic organ trio line-up, Thomas Bauser (Hammond B3), Franz Hellmüller (guitar) and Michi Stulz (drums), pay their full respects to the heavyweight Hammond B3, while still impressively demonstrating how guitar and drums can contribute to the sonic texture. "Go" contains eight original compositions which combine tradition and vision to create something completely new, suspending the listener between "familiar" grooves and exciting sounds. A musical tension exists between their strikingly powerful playing and the breathless, delicate moments when the three exceptional musicians create a ballad-like ambience.